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  1. PX column: Armed with $540K, Pillich launches commish campaign. 'We need to stop handing out corporate welfare checks' on stadiums, Dem says - Cincinnati.com

  2. Candidates get a boost from Sherrod Brown in recent local races - cleveland.com

  3. Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio quits presidential race, will run for reelection - The Washington Post

  4. Joe Biden scores more Ohio endorsements - cleveland.com

  5. That's So Cincinnati: Why U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown keeps rejecting requests to join Democratic presidential field - The Cincinnati Enquirer

  6. Ban on Predatory-Lending Tactic Passes House Finance Committee - Washington Post

  7. Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan endorses Joe Biden - CNN

  8. Donald Trump Mocks Rep. Tim Ryan for Failed Presidential Bid - Breitbart

  9. Bernie Sanders Campaign Upping Its Game in California - Fortune

  10. Sherrod Brown says there’s a ‘small chance’ GOP senators vote to remove Donald Trump - cleveland.com

  11. Democrats threatened on several key fronts | Columnists - Greenville Daily Reflector

  12. Ohio sees jump in number of uninsured children: Capitol Letter - cleveland.com

  13. APPROPRIATIONS: Lowey exit could shake up energy and environment panels - E&E News

  14. Sherrod Brown Wants Senators To Keep Their Politics Out Of Impeachment - BuzzFeed News

  15. Democratic congresswoman claims Zuckerberg 'ruined the lives' of black people - Washington Examiner

  16. Pronoun Primary: 2020 Dems Are Talking Gender Identity - RealClearPolitics

  17. Sherrod Brown: 2020 Democratic nominee will support building on Obamacare - Washington Times

  18. Foster-care panel’s meeting locations cause concern: Capitol Letter - cleveland.com

  19. Someone vandalized a historic cemetery for African Americans in Cincinnati. Now local and federal officials are moving to help. - The Cincinnati Enquirer

  20. Opinion | Why I'm not a fan of Sherrod Brown - The News Record

  21. Democrats should worry | Opinion - The Tand D.com

  22. Rep. Joyce Beatty Presses Mark Zuckerberg Like a Panini Over Facebook's Dismal Civil Rights Record - The Root

  23. Not Everything Is Facebook’s Fault - The Wall Street Journal

    Not Everything Is Facebook’s Fault  The Wall Street Journal
  24. Tim Ryan 2020: Ohio lawmaker is the latest Democrat to announce he's running for president - CBS News

  25. General Motors strike could be resolved today: The Flyover - cleveland.com

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